Company History

ERISA Partners is an expert retirement plan service provider located in Nashville, TN.  Founded in 1992 as DCM Financial Partners, Ltd., the company started as an investment advisory firm – serving mostly individual investors.  After more than ten years of working with third party administrators and recordkeepers on qualified retirement plans, the firm’s leadership felt that there was a great opportunity to provide a higher level of service and consulting than what clients were receiving with their legacy service providers.

The traditional retirement plan industry service model consisted of individual service providers operating in silos on a single retirement plan without any collaboration. These companies were either advisory firms, third party administrators, or recordkeepers.  This meant that no one could step back and look at the larger picture to deliver the best experience across these retirement plan aspects.  It also left clients with at least three contacts regarding their retirement plan, and an investment advisor acting as liaison between all the parties involved.   So around that time, DCM established its own plan administration and recordkeeping service divisions.  This allowed the company to enhance the customer experience from every angle and resulted in plan designs that are more efficient and more capable of helping clients to get the most benefit out of the government’s regulations.

In early 2014, the company separated the investment advisory business from the TPA and recordkeeping business, creating ERISA Advisers.  At the same time, the TPA and recordkeeping business changed its name to ERISA Partners.

Since then, ERISA Partners and ERISA Advisers have utilized this added continuity and creativity to bring innovation to the retirement plan industry.  Both companies serve the Nashville business community, as well as businesses across the nation.

Additional Information

We chose the name ERISA for our company because it stands for the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.

ERISA Advisers and ERISA Partners are proud supporters of the Interfaith Dental Clinic of Nashville.

We’re not just local Nashville 401k consultants, we opporate from Nashville and provide our 401k consulting across the country.

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