Account Navigation Guide

Getting to the Login Screen

The participant login screen may be accessed by clicking the “Participant Login” link at the top of the site you’re currently on,

Login Screen

The first time you log into your online account, your username and password be set to the default setting.  Our contact information is listed here as well in case you’re having trouble getting logged in.  Please note that password recovery is only available after you have logged in and set up a recovery question and answer.

Default Login Setting:
Username: SSN without dashes
Password: date of birth in the MMDDYY format


The home screen gives general account information at a glance. Here you can find your total and vested account balances here, as well as your current investment allocation. There is also a box that shows your YTD contribution totals for the current and prior years.

From here, you may use the top navigation menu items to drill further down into the details of your account.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu functions as the top-level organization for your online account. Hover your mouse over each navigation menu header to see a drop-down submenu.

Account Information

The account information section of the homepage contains your total and vested account balances, year-to-date rate of return, year-to-date contributions, and your current contribution rate or amount.

You may update your contribution rate or amount simply by clicking the “Update Contributions” button.

Welcome and Messages

This section is where you will find notifications and messages regarding important account information.  If you have not set up your address, email address, or password recovery questions – you will see notifications here prompting you to do so.

At times, your plan’s investment adviser may post important updates and information regarding your plan.  If you have a message to be read, you will see it listed here.

Investment Elections

The Investment Elections module displays your current investment elections.  These elections determine how your contributions are to be automatically invested once they are deposited into your account.

To change your investment elections, simply click the “Change Investment Elections” button listed in this module.

Your Portfolio

This module displays how your account balance is currently invested and the balance in each investment.

You may realign your portfolio by clicking the “Realign Portfolio” button listed here.

Recent Activity

The Recent Activity module displays any recent transaction history in your account.  To view a larger date range of transaction history and access more information regarding these transactions, click the “View Details” button listed here.

Retirement Help

This section contains a series of educational videos designed to help you learn about saving and investing for retirement.  Click on a video title to start.

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