Loan Management Guide

This guide is designed to help you manage your responsibilities as a plan sponsor when it comes to approving and managing participant loan requests and repayments.

Loan Pending Approval Notification Email

When a participant requests a new loan, you will receive an email that looks similar to the one pictured here.

Participants are prompted to print off the loan paperwork as part of the online loan request process they go through.  They should bring this paperwork to you for your approval and signature.

Once they have presented the paperwork for your approval, you will be ready to log in and approve the loan online.

Log in as a Plan Sponsor

Visit and click the “Plan Sponsor Login” link at the very top of the site.

Click Loan Information

Once logged in, click the “Loan Information” link at the bottom of your plan sponsor dashboard.

Set Search Criteria

Select the Plan ID number you wish to to view loans for.  Most of the time, you will only see one Plan ID because you only have access to your one plan.

Plan sponsors with multiple plans will want to select all Plan IDs listed here.

Click Search

Expand the Informational section to view even more loan types and select all the boxes listed here.  Click Save Search Criteria to save these search settings will remain saved for every time you visit the loan dashboard in the future.

Search Results

Next, you will see all the loan records for your plan.  This loan record grid provides most of the relevant information you will need for loan management.

For loans awaiting your approval, you will see “Pending Approval” in the status column.  These loans are typically at the top of the list.

Financial Details


Payment Method Details


Document Retention


Amortization Schedule


Activity History


Click Loan Records for Details

You may click any of the loan records listed to view even more details in the event the loan records data grid did not provide the information you need.

You may upload signed loan paperwork to our system by clicking in the loan record and using the Documents tab.  If you choose to not upload signed paperwork, please maintain a copy of the signed loan paperwork in your own files for plan audit purposes.

Detail tabs include –

  • Financial Details
  • Payment Method Details
  • Document Retention
  • View and download the original loan application and paperwork
  • Upload and store signed copies of loan application paperwork
  • Amortization schedule
  • Activity history

Select Approve

Select Approve from the drop-down menu list of action items.

Check the Box and Click Submit

With Approval selected in the drop-down menu, check the box next to the loan record you wish to approve and then click the Submit button.

Follow-Up Emails

Once a loan has been approved, the trades necessary to generate the cash for the loan will automatically be processed either in that day’s market session or in the next market session if the loan is approved after market-close.  Once the trades have settled and confirmed, the loan funds will be paid to the participant and you may receive an email similar to the one shown here.

This email simply notifies you that the participant’s loan is being paid and serves as a reminder to setup loan repayments in your payroll system.

Loan Repayment Setup Reminder

You may also receive an email similar to the one below that contains a link to a new loan report.  This email serves as an additional reminder to setup loan repayments in your payroll system.  We place a great deal of emphasis on this due to the level of responsibility that falls on plan sponsors regarding 401(k) loans.

Loan Dashboard Organization Tools


The loan dashboard provides a few tools that help you quickly locate the loan you’re inquiring about.  Every column may be sorted simply by clicking on the column heading name.  Every column may also be filtered by clicking on the filter icon located on each column heading.

The loan dashboard is also available for export to Excel by clicking on the Excel icon at the top right of the loan dashboard data grid.  Clicking this icon will start an automatic download that will open in Excel.