Payroll Processing Guide

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Click the “Plan Sponsor Login” link at the top of, and use your assigned username and password to log into your plan sponsor account.

Click Payroll

After logging in, click the “Payroll” link located at the bottom of your plan sponsor dashboard.

Click Upload Payroll

Once in schARP, hover your mouse over “Plan Center”, then hover over “Payroll”, then click “Upload Payroll”.

Select Plan and Payroll Date

Select the plan ID and payroll date from the drop-down menu.

*If the payroll period is for a date that is not listed in the dropdown, check the “Off Cycle Payroll” box and enter the payroll date.  Please let us know if you experience an improper date appearing in the drop-down or no date at all. Click here to go to our Contact page.

Select Division and Data Submission Method

Select the proper division(s)

If the division you want is not available, choose “Off-Cyle Payroll” and type in your payroll date instead. This will allow you to choose any division.

Payroll data can be imported using our payroll import format, manually entered in data entry screen grid, or repopulated from a previous payroll submission. So either browse to your payroll file, use a previous payroll, or create a new payroll.

*If you choose to upload a file and your company has multiple retirement plans, leave the “skip new participant threshhold check” box unchecked. If you have only one plan, the setting for this box will not be a major concern.


The following steps assume the Excel file upload method is used.

Preview Upload Results

This screen gives you to opportunity to preview how the system will categorize each column on your spreadsheet.  The two preview panes split your upload file into two sections.

  • Financial data (comp, hours, contributions, & loan payments)
  • Synoptic data (employee names & dates)

If the format is correct, you may proceed by checking the “I agree that my data looks correct.” box and clicking Submit File for Edit.

Confirm Totals

After bringing your payroll data into the system, you will have the opportunity to verify your totals before moving forward.

If your totals and sources appear to be correct, click the “Validate Payroll Data” button to move forward to the Notice of Deposit (NOD) screen.

Initiate Bank Draft

The Notice of Deposit screen allows to you initiate an automatic bank draft from your company’s bank account.  The bank draft will process on the Effective Date that is selected.

Once the bank draft information is set, you may click the “Save NOD Data” to finish processing the payroll.

*You may edit the NOD effective date, but please comply with the DOL contribution remittance requirements.


After clicking Save NOD Data, you will arrive at a confirmation screen that reflects the totals that will be processed. This screen gives you the ability to print for your records.

After you’re done, you may navigate to other pages or logout and we will finish the rest of the processing from this point.

We will notify you if there are any errors that requires your attention.

Excel File Payroll Data Template

with format instructions

Payroll Processing - Fast Track Version

Steps only, no screenshots.  PDF  Printer-Friendly Version