Plan Sponsor Account Navigation Guide

Getting to the Login Screen

The plan sponsor login screen may be accessed by clicking the “Plan Sponsor Login” link located at the top of the site you are currently on,

Logging In

To log in, use the plan sponsor account username and password assigned to you by ERISA Partners.

Plan Sponsor Dashboard

After logging in, you will land on the plan sponsor homepage.  Here, you will find access to the main navigation menu links.

Main Menu

The main menu presents three basic plan sponsor account sections:                   My Plan(s), Report Center, and Participants.  Each of these sections holds information necessary for managing your plan.

My Plan(s)

My Plan(s) will display your plan(s) and list some key facts – number of participants with a balance, YTD contributions, YTD distributions, & total plan assets.  Clicking on the plan’s name will open a drill-down detail screen with even more quick facts about the plan.


The Participants section is where you can search for a plan participant to find basic account information.

Report Center

The reporting menu is where you will find a variety of plan reports that can be generated, on-demand, with custom reporting criteria.  This is also where system-generated reports are published to your plan sponsor account when there’s action required on your part.

For example, when a participant updates his or her deferral election in their online account, an automated report is published to your account on the “Report Center Home” page.  You will receive an email notification prompting you to log in and review the new report that’s been added to your report listing.  A deferral change would require an update to your payroll system so that the participant’s wishes to change his or her deferral rate or amount are executed on payroll.