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Plan Administration

Our comprehensive plan administration services make it easy to offer a premium plan experience to your employees and maintain government compliance.  We cover everything from compliance testing, Form 5500 filings, distributions, loan maintenance, eligibility tracking, deferral changes, and more.

Technology Platform

An open-architecture technology platform with all the features and amenities you’ve come to expect:

  • online enrollment & account management
  • periodic electronic & paper statements
  • automated & on-demand reporting
  • automatic notifications to help keep you informed
  • eligibility tracking
  • paperless loan and distribution processing
  • automatic rebalancing
  • payroll system integration

Innovative Consulting

With ERISA Partners, you receive expert consulting from your own dedicated team of professionals.  Consulting considerations provide you with a retirement plan that’s customized to fit your organization’s unique needs.  We will also work with your CPA, financial advisor, payroll provider, etc. to provide a comprehensive solution that takes other aspects of your business into account.

We employ plan design techniques to solve some of the most common problems plaguing retirement plans:

  • Plan Audit Requirements
  • Corrective Distributions
  • Coverage Failures
  • Low Contribution Limitations for Highly-Compensated Employees
  • Excessive Costs
  • Costly Corrective Contributions

Design Optimization

At ERISA Partners, we understand that proper plan design is the key to your retirement plan’s success. So, keeping your success in mind, we have come up with plan design solutions that allow for larger plan contributions and increasing tax savings, beyond what a traditional 401(K) arrangement would normally achieve. Together, these solutions make your plan a more powerful recruitment and retention tool than ever before. Our solutions can help make your organization a more attractive place to work, without eroding your bottom line.


Custody Services by Charles Schwab Bank

Plan assets are held in custody by Charles Schwab Bank and all trading activity is executed on the company’s platform.


  • Custodial Account Statements
  • 408(b)(2) Disclosures
  • Open Architecture Trading Platform
  • FDIC Money Market Deposit Accounts
  • PCRA – self-directed brokerage accounts

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